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ronaldo -Alonso lobte die Melone schön: gute Analyse, Taktik ändern
toegevoegd door gemmasky op Za 22 of Nov, 2014 UTC [07:12]
Bayern neue Beihilfe Alonso kürzlich lobte Günstige Fußball Trikot sein Trainer Pep Guardiola, sagte Alonso, dass Guardiola Aufstellung variiert, und alle Informationen zu sammeln, bevor der Gegner ist immer in.

Alonso hat Bayern München kam für drei Monate ronaldo war er sehr für Bayern-Trainer Pep Guardiola geschätzt. "Die Leute können sagen, er hat einige ungewöhnliche Dinge. Er ist spezialisiert auf die Analyse, und versuchen, alle die durch Herstellung des Gegners gesammelten Informationen zu tun." Ein anderer sagte Alonso seines Spiels war noch nie in einem solchen flexiblen Taktik gespielt. "In der Regel Menschen nur in taktischen Spiel, aber hier werden wir drei verschiedene Spielweise in einem Spiel. Wir passen die Bildung nach Spielweise des Gegners, effizientere Art des Spiels."

Alonso schnell an Bayern München und bayern münchen genossen. Alonso sprach über den Unterschied zwischen Real Madrid und Bayern :. "Real Madrid ist wie eine laute Zimmer ist entspannt und konzentriert zugleich hier zwei sehr großen Verein eine unvergleichliche Gericht .." http://www.footballtrikots2015.de/

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6 Jun ’11 Hi,Saw you
door Anoniem op donderdag 29 of October, 2015 UTC [01:54:47] [Score:0.00]
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Vettele mentioned in
door Anoniem op dinsdag 27 of October, 2015 UTC [11:43:41] [Score:0.00]
Vettele mentioned in a post race ivnertiew that they were a few Ideas as to where the the qualifying pace goes come race day so my guess is its not quite as simple as Vettles race pace, more a question of the cars balance when high on fuel. Redbull say they run more rake on there car compared to that of there closest rivals. Perhaps this has something to do with it whe fully fueld. Some people seem to think that they have problem running the Renault engine at its max during the race. What you can garantee is that Redbull (unfortunatly) will know what it is and will sort the problem out. They do after all have Newey. -38

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In qualifying DRS ca
door Anoniem op dinsdag 27 of October, 2015 UTC [11:42:48] [Score:0.00]
In qualifying DRS can be used aenwhyre, in the race only in defined places and only when close to another car. The choice of 7th gear is important is it optimised for qualifying or the race?As shown in Spa, Red Bull are running extreme negative camber on the front wheels, this together with lower tyre pressures in qualifying has helped give them a one lap advantage, which is lost as soon as the higher race day pressures are run (needed to make the tyres last).Also, Red Bull still have a compromised KERS, so maybe they are only using it for Q3 (when Vettel pulls out an previously unseen advantage) and for short periods of the race (opening two laps, and around pitstops). +4

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I did. It's too shor
door Anoniem op maandag 26 of October, 2015 UTC [23:44:49] [Score:0.00]
I did. It's too short to actually send off to be plesiuhbd yet, and it needs editing, but it is the complete storyline. I thought that's what NaNoWriMo was about, writing your basic story and then fleshing it out later. I only found out afterwards that most people don't do it that way.Once I do some more editing, you can read it. How are you with urban fantasy?

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not bad, but a bit c
door Anoniem op maandag 26 of October, 2015 UTC [22:51:19] [Score:0.00]
not bad, but a bit cluttered and too much goin on you rllaey dont know what. and whats with the photo frames on the floor.. looks quite unfinished and like there is no space on the wall... can nvr understand how that can be a part of 'decor'..like, hey how you gonna dust or vacuum your house with so many things lying on the floor.. decor should also be practical.

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